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As time goes on, various factors such as birth control, hormones, and pregnancy can alter the state of your vaginal tissue. Your vaginal laxity, function, and nerve sensitivity, can all take a nosedive, leaving you feeling discouraged and uncomfortable. Livonia Premier Aesthetics in Livonia, Michigan, offers TempSure Vitalia, a safe and effective treatment to help revitalize their patients’ vaginal health and intimate wellbeing. Call Livonia Premier Aesthetics today, or schedule an appointment online.

TempSure Vitalia Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What is TempSure Vitalia?

TempSure Vitalia is a gentle radiofrequency system approved by the FDA for the restoration and tightening of loose vaginal tissue, as well as improving vaginal nerve sensitivity. This safe and minimally invasive system enables you to maintain your intimate wellness without the use of hormones or invasive surgeries.

Specifically designed to treat your smaller, more intimate areas, TempSure Vitalia can help with the following vaginal functionality issues:

  • Increase lubrication and sensitivity
  • Improve urinary leak or incontinence
  • Tighten vaginal canal
  • Tighten and improve vaginal skin appearance

TempSure Vitalia’s vaginal rejuvenation can also help to restore confidence, revive sexuality, and improve your overall sexual well-being.   

How does the TempSure Vitalia system work?

The TempSure Vitalia uses radiofrequency technology to perform vaginal rejuvenation. The special handpiece can deliver precise, therapeutic heating for smaller, intimate areas like your vaginal and labial tissue. The radiofrequency energy heats your tissue, improving local circulation and stimulating new collagen and elastin growth. This process results in vaginal tightness and increased nerve sensitivity.

What can you expect during the TempSure Vitalia treatment session?

You can expect to experience a slightly warm sensation throughout the treatment process. The Vitalia instrument delivers a precise amount of energy at a controlled temperature, lasting anywhere between 15-45 minutes depending on the tissue being treated and the amount of rejuvenation your body needs.

While treating your internal vaginal tissues, your specialist slowly and gently inserts the specially designed probe into your vaginal opening. The radiofrequency energy then heats your internal vaginal tissues, promoting new collagen and elastin growth. In order to rejuvenate your external labial tissues, your specialist gently massages the treatment tip around your vulva area, gently heating the targeted tissue.

TempSure Vitalia requires no downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about what vaginal rejuvenation can do for you, call Livonia Premier Aesthetics today, or schedule an appointment online.