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Laboratory Specialist

Livonia Premier Aesthetics

Internists & Medical Aesthetics Specialists located in Livonia, MI

Fast access to medical lab results is often key to quick diagnosis and prompt treatment of your illness. The practitioners of Livonia Premier Aesthetics in Livonia, Michigan, understand this and therefore offer in-office testing for the most common and useful tests that aid your treatment, offering you one-stop convenience as well as quick results. Call the office, or make an appointment online, knowing that you can take care of lab work on site in many cases.

Laboratory Q & A

Are in-office medical labs reliable?

Yes. Depending on the tests a medical office performs, advances in testing methods have, in some cases, made testing simple and reliable. Many such tests are “instant read” finger-stick or other types that require little expertise or interpretation.

Many doctors, though, opt for a more serious full-service lab, staffed by medical testing experts. This type of lab is subject to government regulations and must be certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, commonly known as CLIA. CLIA certification assures you that the testing performed in your doctor’s office fulfills a standard.

Are all common medical tests available in a medical office?

No. Many tests, though common, relate to special conditions. For example, a cardiac specialist may choose to offer more testing related to your heart’s performance, while being less concerned about testing a patient for pregnancy.

A general medical practice such as Livonia Premier Aesthetics concentrates on the most common general tests that give plenty of information about your overall health. This broad-scope testing permits fast diagnosis or points in directions for additional testing. For instance, there are several different blood tests that most doctors tend to order to evaluate your current health. Livona Premier Aesthetics does also perform phlebotomy, some in-house testing for diabetes, urinalysis, and pregnancy tests.

What are the blood tests doctors order the most?

“Bloodwork” is a general term that covers a range of tests, each that checks different aspects of your blood’s composition. The results of each test then provide clues about your health. Some of the most common tests are described here.

Complete blood count, or CBC, tests levels of red blood cells, the carriers of oxygen; white blood cells, which combat infection; and platelets, which form clots to help stop bleeding. This test typically screens for anemia.

Lipid panels test for fats, medically called lipids, in your blood. These include total cholesterol, which is both the HDL and LDL cholesterol components; and triglycerides, fat globules in your blood.

Hemoglobin A1c tests overall blood glucose control for diabetics. Similar to blood sugar testing, A1c tests use a component of your blood that gives an indication of overall blood sugar levels for the past three months, instead of fluctuating daily levels.

BMP, also called Chem 7 testing looks at kidney function, electrolyte levels, and blood glucose.

CMP, or Chem 12, includes the same parts as BMP, but also tests liver function.

The results of a physical exam may suggest which tests are important for your situation. Ask your Livonia Premier Aesthetics caregiver about why particular tests are ordered.